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TEAK WOOD is a tropical hardwood with a honey brown touch. If exposed to weather when untreated it will get its common silver-grey patina. Depending on weather conditions, this patina may turn into a darker colour or even greenish. If you would like to turn the dark grey back into its natural silver-grey, please use our teak cleaner which removes algae and fungi in the teak wood.
Since the cleaning of the teak wood takes some time and effort, we suggest to use our teak sealing product, which brings back the light brown and slows down the repeated weathering process. The teak sealing protects the wood up to 4 x longer than the conventional teak oil. Please note to not use the teak sealing on lubed teak wood. Use teak cleanser before.
You can use the teak sealing on new (non-oiled) teak wood plates straight away to slow down weathering process. Teak sealing does not content solvent and 100% water-based, which means it is not flammable and environmentally friendly. Sealing should be applied thinly with a dustless wipe. Teak sealing ingresses into wood pores and dries quickly so that you can use the furnishings soon after the treatment. Teak sealing does not prevent from the ingress of food, drinks or oily dishes. Nevertheless, please wipe off leftovers or drinks immediately.

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0300042ø 70€ 105,-
030010770 x 70€ 89,-
030010880 x 80€ 115,-
030010980 x 120€ 179,-
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